Eyelash Extensions

Our lash artists have mastered the art and have perfected a unique method that is only taught by certified lash technician professionals.

Enjoy your quality experience.

  • Natural | Classic (2 HRS) $90

    Natural length & thickness
    gives you the look of mascara.

  • Glamour | Mix (2.5 HRS) $120

    A combination of classic individuals 2D-6D
    lashes, giving you the effortless lash look.

  • Full Set | Volume (3 HRS) $170

    Multiple lightweight 2D-5D lashes are applied
    to create a full, thick, over the top glamorous
    Hollywood look that will pop up in any photos.

  • Half Set | Subtle (1.5 HRS) $75

    The classic look of natural enhancement.
    Our clients call it ``Wake-Up-And-Go``!